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Lie to Me Spoiler – Lightman May be Tempted

by Lynn DeVries on August 3, 2009 · 0 comments

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Bones fans, and Lie to Me fans may get a real treat this season. According to EW, Dr. Lightman from Lie to Me may be a guest character on Bones for an episode. As a fan of both shows, I think it would be so cool if Dr. Lightman calls Booth out when he tries to deny his feelings for Brennan. Lightman can see through any lie, even when the person is lying to themself. Here’s the scoop:

Do you have any info on the upcoming season of Lie to Me? — Kate

TIM: It turns out I may have been overly pessimistic last week when I said Cal Lightman’s chances of a rekindled romance with his ex-wife, Zoe, were slim. Lie to Me’s new executive producer, Shawn Ryan, says the show isn’t ruling out any romantic options. “Cal Lightman is a healthy, single man spending a lot of time around Gillian [Kelli Williams] and Zoe [Jennifer Beals],” he tells the Buzz. “Temptation would certainly be understandable.” [Source: TV Guide]

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