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‘House’: Hugh Laurie Chatted Today With His Fans

by Lynn DeVries on August 26, 2009 · 0 comments

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He didn’t chat with all of them, it would bring the internet to its knees. There are so many Hugh Laurie fans. ;-)

But there were apparently hundreds of people who asked FANTASTIC questions in the live chat today with Dr. House himself…Hugh Laurie.

Chats can be difficult to follow when reading through them, but I spent the last couple of hours putting the questions with the answers for you. I didn’t edit the spelling. I left it in chat lingo for you, I just re-ordered the statements to make easier sense. I hope you enjoy reading his answers! He really is a delightful man!

I was thrilled to find out that his favorite TV show is the Daily Show (a man after my own heart!) and he tells us his favorite actor, motorcycle, etc. He also lets us in on how much he respects fellow cast member Lisa Edelstein. I loved what he had to say about her!! And he used one term that made me laugh and look at my cats with admiration when I read it. (You’ll know which one.)

SPOILER ALERT! People who avoid spoilers, may read this with some caution because there are one or two very small spoilers in the answers, but nothing huge. You decide whether to proceed with caution or not. But trust me when I say that his answers made me continually smile and he has the most gracious way of answering things. I think you’ll enjoy this as much as I have:

Hugh Laurie: Reporting for duty

Hugh Laurie: I type about 4 wpm – bear with me….

Q: Are you frustrated by the Emmys? At the Globes you’ve won twice already, but keep in mind that the Emmys have a delayed reaction. It took Mary Tyler Moore, Carol O’Connor, Kiefer Sutherland and many others years before they finally won.

Hugh Laurie: Not frustrated by the Emmys at all. Great to be considered, and so on…

Q: Hi Hugh, how do you feel about doing the show now that it’s been so many years?

Hugh Laurie: Lucky. very lucky. I still feel proud of some of the things we do. We don’t get it all right, by any means, but it’s enough to make me puff my chest out when no ones looking

Q: Hugh, tell us why you chose the episode you did to submit to Emmy judges. It’s always interesting for us to hear what nominees think when they make those choices.

Hugh Laurie: I actually put the episode choice in the hands of others – I’m not good at watching myself, and worse at knowing what people like or are impressed by, so I canvassed opinion and let it roll

Q: Mr. Laurie, are you a fan of the Dr. Who TV show? I, for one, would LOVE to see you as Dr. Who in a movie. Would you play that role if they offered it to you?

Hugh Laurie: I also love Dr Who. Grew up with it. I’d play anything that involved less than five hours in the make up chair

Q: what is your favorite episode of dr house?

Hugh Laurie: Not sure about episodes. I haven’t seen them all yet. But I have favourite moments…

Q: users just voted you Best Doctor and Best Antihero. Seems kind of oxymoronic. What do you think?

Hugh Laurie: Maybe, but a good oxymoron, no? oxycool

Q: Hi Hugh! Do you ever google yourself?

Hugh Laurie: I have googled myself. I don’t recommend it. Googling yourself I mean. Not me.

Q: Since doing Monsters vs. Aliens are you inclined to get back into more voice over work (audio books, adverts, etc.)?

Hugh Laurie: Love doing voice work. Wear your own clothes (if you want) and read from a script

Q: Are you still in touch with Stephen Fry? You 2 are hilarious together

Hugh Laurie: See Stephen a lot – hope he’ll be coming over to LA soon

Q: HI Hugh, when is your second novel, The Paper Soldier, coming out? I LOVE your acting work, too, don’t get me wrong!

Hugh Laurie: Thank you ma’am you are too kind – I noodle around when the house is empty…

Q: Hugh, you chose “Under My Skin” as your Emmy episode. What are your thoughts about your performance in it?

Hugh Laurie: Tom, I let others choose – much better that way – I don’t know about my performance – try not to think about it….

Q: How do you know you have screen chemistry with colleagues such as RSL & LE. Can you tell at the firstread with one another ?

Hugh Laurie: Don’t know about chemistry – but I just like RSL and LE so much – and all of them, come to that.

Q: Any scoop on upcoming guest stars? And who would you like to guest?

Hugh Laurie: I will try and get ET. [Emma Thompson] She’s awful busy….

Q: How do you imagine the “HOUSE” ’s ending? What would YOU like to happen to House, Wilson, Cuddy and everyone else? Good luck at the Emmys, Sir!

Hugh Laurie: Thank you! Just an ending that satisfies, is all. That does justice.

Q: Who was an inspiration in your life for you to become an actor?

Hugh Laurie: James Stewart, probably

Q: I love the episodes with the original team. Do you ever miss working with Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer.

Hugh Laurie: Jenn and Jess have some great stuff coming up – we’ve been working a lot the last three episodes or so

Q: Will you ever direct a House episode?

Q: Would you ever consider directing an episode of House?

Hugh Laurie: I’d love to direct, as the cliche goes, but then I’d lose any right to complain about how hard I work – and I do love my complaining…..

Q: What modern blues / jazz artists do you like?

Hugh Laurie: Dr John. Begins and ends.

Q: Have you learned anything from playing out House’s journey?

Hugh Laurie: Not sure. Less than I have learned being an actor who plays that journey. the experience of doing this has been extraordinary

Q: Do you have a favorite cane from the show?

Hugh Laurie: I liked the flame cane. I’m that kind of fool.

Q: Who has been your favorite guest star?

Hugh Laurie: All guest stars are wonderful. That’s official government policy.

Q: I just want to congratulate you on your nomination. Do you know which clip from “House” they will be using on emmy night? This is a real treat you talking to us”CD. Listening to it has made me want to play the piano again.

Hugh Laurie: Thanks!

Q: I love it when you play tricks with your cane! got any new moves coming up?

Hugh Laurie: No, I need to work on cane tricks – getting rusty

Q: You mentioned James Stewart as an inspiration – Spielberg is doing a remake of Harvey – would you be interested? :-)

Hugh Laurie: Harvey, heck yes…

Q: what do you think about House cooking? Is he going to learn with wilson?

Hugh Laurie: H obsesses over cooking the way he obsesses over everything else

Q: How did you come to write cuddy’s serenade. Does house play piano differently to you?

Hugh Laurie: Hm Obviously H can’t play things that I can’t play, so that’s a kind of parameter. but I thought of what might be on his mind while he’s at the piano

Q: Lisa Edelstein has some good comedy chops too. Do you crack each other up off the set?

Hugh Laurie: LE makes me laugh a lot – I try to get her when the camera’s running

Q: hugh are you a huddy fan like many of us?

Hugh Laurie: If it’s done well, why not?

Q: Could you tell us a little about (your forthcoming novel) “The Paper Soldier”?

Hugh Laurie: The Paper Soldier is late. very late, Very very late.

Q: you used to have a twitter account, what happened? do u got bored?

Hugh Laurie: my twitter time was an experiment. didn’t quite work for me

Q: Thanks for answering my earlier question! Hope you’re well. I’m pretty DESPERATE to know this one! Which English football team do you support? I know Stephen is a Norwich fan. But somehow I’ve never been able to find out who you fancy. Please let us know!!!

Hugh Laurie: I married into an Arsenal family

Q: Do you have any favorite TV shows? (other than your own, that is)

Hugh Laurie: Daily show

Q: How about the film adaptation of The Gun Seller? Also very very late?

Hugh Laurie: Adaptation’s harder than the original – don’t ask me why

Q: Who is your favorite actor

Hugh Laurie: Judy Dench

Q: will house have to come to terms with God/faith/spirituality at some point, or will he always be comfy as an athiest?

Hugh Laurie: I think H is a pretty confirmed atheist – or he’s religious, but reason is his religion

Q: Are you a member of the TV Academy? Do you vote for the Emmys?

Hugh Laurie: I think I’m a member of the academy. I didn’t vote

Q: What did you get Stephen for his birthday? :-)

Hugh Laurie: Don’t tell him but i haven’t got S a present yet. I’m thinking socks.

Q: Would you consider writing an episode of House?

Hugh Laurie: love to write an episode, but not equipped. Those guys are cleverer than cats.

[One commenter: "cleverer than cats," hehe, I knew I loved this man :-) ]

Q: Have you read any House fanfic?

Hugh Laurie: I haven’t read any housefic. Any good?

Q: Are there any similarities between you and House? besides the obvious ones! ahaha. Good luck with the Emmys!

Hugh Laurie: Me and H we’re the same height. And we both floss intermittently.

Q: Why were there no bloopers on the last two House DVD sets?

Hugh Laurie: I’m not sure – I think there were so many bloopers about it seemed like we should go a different way?

Q: What is it like walking down the streets of LA and looking up to see a Billboard with yourself on, it’s a long way from London :-)

Hugh Laurie: Weird seeing yourself on a billboard. Really weird. No seriously. I mean REALLY weird.

Q: the snakes on a cane thing was your idea?brilliant !!

Hugh Laurie: The logo was my idea – did it for a crew t shirt – but the phrase was someone else – I’m no good with puns… or buns.

Q: what is your favorite country or city? I’m sure you visited a lot

Hugh Laurie: I love London. I really do.

Hugh Laurie: I miss rain. I mean I love sunshine too but there’s something odd about a place this green that has no rain. Feels wrong.

Q: Hugh… could you say a few words about Lisa Edelstein please?

Hugh Laurie: Lisa E is amazing. I saw a whole gaggle of women from some TV show – the funny one, the sexy one, the stern one etc – and I thought Lisa does all that every week on her own

Q: What’s the reason for your short hair? Love it, by the way!!

Hugh Laurie: Short hair. Just felt like a change. Also felt institutional….

Q: Hi! do you think you would make friends with Gregory House?

Hugh Laurie: I think I wd like GH – friends, not so sure

Q: What do you do on Monday nights when House airs. Do you watch it? Or are you doing something else?

Hugh Laurie: I am anywhere but in fron of TV on Monday nights. I suddenly find chores in the garage.

Hugh Laurie: So sorry i can’t keep up – I’m taking whatever question comes up in front of me when the last one goes….

Q: What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?

Hugh Laurie: can’t remember the last movie i saw = don’t get out much I’m afraid

Q: please tell the writers that we miss the clinic scenes, we would love to see them more often!

Hugh Laurie: I will tell them – I think they miss them too but struggle to fit them in sometimes

Q: Any possibility of a House Movie?

Hugh Laurie: Not sure about a House movie – what would we do differently?

Q: Do you think House will ever find anyone or will he end up alone?

Hugh Laurie: I think he will find someone.

Q: Consider being an American Idol guest judge?

Hugh Laurie: I wd love to be an AI judge. I’d also be hopeless.

Q: will stephen guest star before the series is over?

Hugh Laurie: I really hope SF guests.

Q: do you own an ipod? what is your favorite song on it?

Hugh Laurie: Not sure what my favourite song is right now – all kinds of stuff on there

Q: Would you play in a James Bond movie? And if yes, what kind of role would you prefer?

Hugh Laurie: JB villain – best gig going

Q: How many hours a day are you on the set?

Hugh Laurie: Varies. we’re trying to keep it down to 12 a day, otherwise people burn out

Q: Please, please, please, any spoilers on Huddy ?

Hugh Laurie: I have taken a Huddy oath. Not a word shall pass these finger tips.

Q: Hi Hugh. Do you miss doing sketch shows like A Bit Of Fry & Laurie?

Hugh Laurie: I do miss sketches whenever I see someone else doing them – and I miss working with S a lot

Q: I would love to see you release a solo CD of your music! Any possibility of this?

Hugh Laurie: Wd love to do a CD – even though actors’ music never quite works, does it?

Q: Does acting like House become easy for you by now?

Hugh Laurie: I never find acting easy. Always nervous. Every shot.

Q: Before you did this chat, were you aware the show had such a large following all over the world? Or does shooting a network show in the states keep you in a bubble?

Hugh Laurie: Yes definitely we work in a bubble. Strange when it bursts….

Q: Is it hard talking in the american accent?

Hugh Laurie: Yeah. Or is it yeeeaah, or yep?

Q: Do you encounter fans a lot? Is it scary?

Hugh Laurie: Fans are almost all lovely. Trouble is, the really crazy ones don’t wear a hat that says Really Crazy.

Q: Have you ever seen yourself as House but dubbed in another language?

Hugh Laurie: Never seen myself dubbed. Must be v strange

Q: What has been the most difficult scene for you to shoot?

Hugh Laurie: Wilson on speed

Q: Could you tell us any examples of improvisation on set, non-scripted sentences or situations? (i.e. like RSL once told about”Blue the janitor” joke)

Hugh Laurie: Can’t claim any lines. the scripts are so good.

Q: have you ever encountered a real House while visiting a hospital?

Hugh Laurie: Yes, I have met a real H if you mean someone abrasive – don’t know they had the redeeming skill tho

Q: Do you have to practice being Dr. Crankypants or does it just come naturally for you?

Hugh Laurie: I am naturally cranky. It’s how they found me.

Q: Have you ever been hurt on the House set?

Hugh Laurie: I bang myself every now and then, and have to fall over sometimes which gets sore by take 9

Q: What is the greatest challenge in playing House?

Hugh Laurie: Just getting it right. Getting it as good as the scripts deserve

Q: Who is the cast member who is most likely to make you laugh in or out of character?

Hugh Laurie: They can all make me laugh – they’re a very funny bunch but R and L especially

Q: Do you worry that Gregory House may typecast you as an actor?

Hugh Laurie: If I’m typecast by H, well there are worse things

Q: Are you going to be on Ellen anytime soon?

Hugh Laurie: Don’t know about E

Q: Will there be a season 7?

Hugh Laurie: Who knows? Depends how this one goes

Q: do you like doing the red carpet and all the other awards show stuff?

Hugh Laurie: The red carpet I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Q: What book is currently on your nightstand?

Hugh Laurie: Isaiah Berlin. how’s that for pretentious? but it’s true

Q: In what direction do you want to see House (the character) evolve?

Hugh Laurie: I don’t mind what direction, as long as it’s done with style

Q: What music are you listening to lately?

Hugh Laurie: The coasters

Q: Do you have any questions for the FANS?

Hugh Laurie: Question for the fans – hmmm – who sent you the nicest reply to a letter?

[tons o people replied that he did and they got signed pictures of him.]

Q: Do you get fed up with the paparazzi following you on your bike everyday?

Hugh Laurie: paparazzi are a bit annoying but they have to make a living

Q: Ideally, what would you like to focus on after House ends?

Hugh Laurie: like to focus on sleeping in

Hugh Laurie: Hope you don’t mind y’all but I have to slip away in a minute – how about we say 5 more answers?

Q: Can you tell us something about the upcoming House M.D. PC game?

Q: Will you take part in making House PC game?

Hugh Laurie: Don’t know what the PC game is (that’s not one of the 5)

Q: Any plans to be on Craig Ferguson

Hugh Laurie: If the great man calls, I will don my talk show pants and leap into the car.

Q: Did you learn french in school? You had spoken french in one of the emmy’s a few years back, and you’re really good!!

Hugh Laurie: we had to learn french at school. part of the agincourt reparations.

Q: what episode are you shooting right now?

Hugh Laurie: We’re shooting episode 5 now, about to start 6

Q: Don’t you get slightly hypochondriac after reading House’s scripts?

Hugh Laurie: No, never been a hypochondriac – got lots of other neuroses but not that one – my dad was very wise about the odds

Q: Which of your motorcycles is your favorite?

Hugh Laurie: Triumph Scrambler. a gem.

Q: What’s the sexiest word in the english language?

Hugh Laurie: Sexiest words are Triumph Scrambler

Q: Dr. Cockroach was SO awesome. How did you come up with THE laugh?

Hugh Laurie: Vincent price

Hugh Laurie: it’s been a real pleasure – thanks all of you for checking in and I’m sorry for all the qs i couldn’t get to

Hugh Laurie: Bye everyone and thanks !!!

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