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Chat Q&A With CSI: NY Star Hill Harper

by Lynn DeVries on November 11, 2009 · 0 comments

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Hill Harper
[Photo: © 2010 CBS, all rights reserved]

Today was the first of the two live chat sessions with stars from CSI shows. This one was with CSI: NY hottie Hill Harper.

I have re-ordered the messages so that they are in the correct order to read and make sense. (You know how chats can be rather disjointed and the answers don’t follow right after the proper questions so it can be confusing to read.)

Hill seems like he has a wonderful sense of humor and I love the so-called “spoilers” he gives us. LOL! I think you’ll enjoy the chat:

Hill Harper: Hello everyone! It’s Hill! Let’s get it started!

Sarah: Hi Hill! How fun was it working with Laurence Fishburne during the crossover?

Hill Harper: I didn’t have a ton of scenes with Lawrence on the shows, but I have known him for years. Love and respect him and think he is one of our greatest actors. And I love the fact that he brought his presence and class to all 3 CSI shows!

M: Do you prefer filming in the studio in LA or being on location in NYC?

Hill Harper: I much prefer being on location in NYC! …C’mon…it’s the big apple!! You can’t beat that!!

Gavic: What was the scariest moment for you on the show and how did you ease the tension from it?

Hill Harper: Scariest moment while acting was last week’s episiode when the girl pops out of the water. Even in real life, even though we were just acting…that was super scary.

Hill Harper: I did visit the body farm in TN where they have 184 real dead bodies in different degrees of decomposition…and that was very interesting. AND a big creepy!

Hill Harper: Hi Greece! Brazil! Germany! Hungray! Isn’t technology awesome that we can all be connected???!

Darren: Hill you’ve accomplished so much already with being an actor, writer and your role in politics. How do you manage to find all the time to do everything and were these things that you’ve always wanted to do or did you fall into these roles?

Hill Harper: I really believe in following your heart. And if your heart tells you to do something, don;t listen to the voices in your head that say “Theres not enough time” or “you cant do it ” or “it wont work”…just say “YES!!” to living and life…and take risks…and let the universe hear your voice!

Karyn: Hill, what do you enjoy more; acting or writing?

Hill Harper: Hi Karyn…ACTING, no doubt. I am an actor first and foremost. I love acting.

Robin (from Holland): Hey Hill. Do you ever feel the desire to practice your law degree?

Hill Harper: I use my law degree – i think – every day. Not traditionally, of course, but it’s part of who I am. Education and learning of any type, i believe, makes you a better critical thinker.

Caroline from Germany: Have you ever done screen-writing / would you like to do it?

Hill Harper: I’ve never written a screenplay…I’m not sure! I think that there are some great screenwriters out there….so I leave it to them. BUT I HAVE BIG NEWS THAT MIGHT BE A SECRET……..

Hill Harper: And that is…..that Carmine [Gioviazzo, who plays Danny Messer] is writing a script for CSI:NY!! And it is going to be AWESOME. But…you didn’t hear that from me!!!! (shhh)

Hill Harper: …and yes, you guys, I hope that Hawkes gets a love interest soon….. Who do you guys think it should be????

Talia: Hm… Haylen?

Olivia: Yes, Bring Kara back!

Sophia: Someone from outside maybe? :-)

Amanda: Stacy Dash

Jessye James: Nia Long or Zoe Saldana

Olivia: Kara!

Sarah: Hey Hill, I love CSI New York. My question to you is: What was your favourite episode you enjoyed filming?

Hill Harper: As for my fav. episode…WOW That is tough.One thing I can say about our show is that our writers are the best and theyve written to many great story l ines. but one of my favorites is when my old buddy from school wanted me to get info from him off the flash drive…and then he had me beaten up! I like that episode.

Ashela: Hi Hill, I love your work. What is the best thing about acting?

Hill Harper: The best thing about acting is that you have the opportunity to play characters that can uplift, inspire, entertain, educate, enlighten, and connect with the audience….also, it is fun to be different people.

Talia: I love that episode! Sex, Lies and Silicone, right?

Remy: that would be sex, lies and silicone

Hill Harper: YES! Sex, Lies and SIlicone…all about the dolls, baby

Kristal: I have read your three books and I have learned from them. Do you have any ideas for your fourth book?

Hill Harper: No idea for my fourth book….what should I do a book on? Any ideas???

Jimmy Rice: Letters to the Single Brothers

Justine: A book about the cast of CSI NY? Lol

Carolyn: your experience on CSI: NY

kristen smith: 4th book: being the best YOU you can possibly be!!

Aja: Conversations about overcoming hardship for young adults

Vida: I would love a book about how people can give back to low income communities

Kyle: Hey Hill. What advice would you give to an aspiring actor?

Hill Harper: Study the craft. Take as many classes as possible. Act all the time. Even if it is in a local play or student film or your own project. Don;t wait on someone else to hire you. Create your own opportunituies. But you have to really become skilled at the CRAFT of ACTING. And dont fall into the trap of waiting to be “discovered”.

nessie682: Who’s your role model?

Hill Harper: My role models are: my grandparents, my mother and father, Paul Robeson, Merryll Streep, Tom Hanks, Marian Wright Edelman, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs…

Hill Harper: …President Obama….

Olivia: can you give us any spoliers about the upcoming season?

Hill Harper: YES!

Hill Harper: People will die and we will use science to catch their killers!!!!

Tara: LOL!!!

Kate: Nice spoiler :-)

Justine: LOL ! And about characters?

ash_ny: yes spoilers about characters? please !!!

Hill Harper: OK. SPOILER: Hawkes WILL have a love interest.

kristen smith: yaahhhhhhhh finally :-)

Jessica: YAY! Finally! it’s about time he got some love. :-)

Nera: That’s about time!

JoeyDC: Yay, finally! It’s about time :-)

Tisha Owes: when is your next book signing, hope its in atl

Hill Harper: I’ll be back in ATL on 11/20! …signing books/live on V103 all morning at Justin’s Restaurant

Nikki: Glad to hear you are coming to the ATL!

Robin (from Holland): What has been your most memorable moment on CSI NY?

Hill Harper: Most memorable moment….there’s been lots! Learning to scuba dive, riding my bike through central park….the first scenes with Gary when I was Dr. Hawkes the coroner….the interaction with the rest of the cast….we all really get along with each other really well and we have a great chemistry and I think that that comes through on the screen. when you see us interrelate, that is real. Which is rare…sometimes there are bad apples in the bunch….but on our show, wee are so lucky that we all like each other…and we are all good people

Amie: I love the episode when you scuba dived

Talia: The scuba diving scene was so scary!

JoeyDC: Yes you can definitely tell that you guys all get along just fine and that’s what makes you guys such a perfect cast! Can’t get enough of you guys!

Joanna Tuckett: Hey Hill, Who is the clown of the CSI: NY crew?

Hill Harper: Carmine is definitely the funniest of everybody. He comes up with sayings…his Christopher Walken impression is impeccable….he is just FUNNY. He is also funny looking. Haha.

Amy (from Puerto Rico): Yes, Carmine seems really funny. I would love to meet him.

Jillonne from Florida: Hi Hill, from Largo here. I was wondering if you plan to produce or direct any future CSi NY episodes?

Hill Harper: Hi Jilonne. Obviously, I would love to be just like Gary and be a producer on the show. But I don’t think that’s going to happen! But you never know. ….I would love to direct an episode. In fact, I asked about it….we’ll see!

Talia: That would be exciting! I’d love to see an episode directed by you!

Sydney: good luck. I hope you get the opportunity!

Vida: Hey Hill, I’ve seen you on programs discussing hip hop. Who are some of your favorite Hip Hop artists?

Hill Harper: Fav hip hop artists: PublicEnemy, EPMD, Jay Z, Nas…

Hill Harper: I like all forms of music. In fact, I like all forms of art and creativity.

Sandra: What part of Sheldon is definitely Hill and what is absolutely not?

Hill Harper: The part of Sheldon that is Hill is the part that you like..and the part that you don’t like..definitely not me. :-)

Talia: haha Well said

ash_ny: LOL

Amy (from Puerto Rico): Hahahaha Good one!

giorgia e frakkio: lol

speakyoursuccess: Hello Hill What role would be your dream role?

Hill Harper: Dr. MLK Jr., Bob Marley, and a huge sci-fi/action epic lead role

Zoe: you’re such an inspiration! :-)

Amanda: Hey Hill! What u like to do on ur spare time when ur not busy working?

Hill Harper: Go to the movies…Hiking…great dinners with great wine….art galleries….watch other entertainers perform because it is so inspiring

Sarah: Thanks for stopping by. :-) If you had to pick one word to describe your life, what word would that be?

Hill Harper: BLESSED.

Annie from Holland: beautiful answer!

Talia: That’s so sweet!

Monica: we love you, I’m looking forward to seeing tonights episode

Jessica: What’s your favorite show, apart from CSINY?

Hill Harper: Monday Night Football!

Hill Harper: Hey everybody..Thanks so much for joining me on this chat! You guys are THE MOST IMPORTANT part of my career and our show. BEcause without you the show wouldnt even exist….so THANK YOU for watching and follow me on twitter!

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