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Casting News: CSI Gil Grissom’s Mom & Ex!

by Lynn DeVries on December 9, 2010 · 0 comments

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William Petersen

CSI: Vegas fans are in for a huge treat. We are going to finally meet Gil Grissom’s mother and ex! Unfortunately, William Petersen won’t be back for the episode, but Jorja Fox will have to deal with her mother-in-law and husband’s ex in an episode of CSI due to air on February 3. And everyone knows that a woman’s relationship with her mother-in-law runs the risk of serious drama.

Grissom’s mom will be played by Tony award-winning actress Phyllis Frelich and Sara is about to meet her under less than perfect circumstances. Here’s what Entertainment Weekly uncovered about it:

A murder occurs at a school for the deaf where Grissom’s mom is a professor. Sara (Jorja Fox) goes to investigate but ends up facing an unexpected challenge — a surprising lack of affection from her mother-in-law. Apparently, Grissom’s mom never felt that Sara was the one for her beloved Gil so the two women have a few fences to mend. The episode also stars Oscar winner Marlee Matlin as a school colleague who not only serves as Mrs. Grissom’s protege but used to date Gil. Guess who momma Grissom prefers?

Sadly, William Petersen won’t appear in the episode. (Fans are supposed to think that Gil is contantly on the move so he and Sara maintain a long-distance relationship.) But the story is a continuation of an arc that started way back in season one’s memorable “Sound of Silence” episode, in which we first learn that our hero can sign because he grew up with a deaf mother.

An interesting fact about both guest stars. Both are hearing impaired and both Frelich and Matlin played the same role in Children of a Lesser God. Ms. Frelich won a Tony for the role on Broadway, Ms. Matlin won an Oscar for the role in the movie.

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