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Casting News: Dita Von Teese on ‘CSI’

by Lynn DeVries on December 13, 2010 · 0 comments

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CSI's Eric Szmanda & Dita Von Teese

Few people realize that Eric Szmanda, who plays CSI Greg Sanders on the hit drama CSI: Vegas is good friends with controversial singer Marilyn Manson and his ex-wife Dita Von Teese. But now that we know, it should be fun when  Von Teese plays a guest star role in an upcoming epsiode of CSI.

CSI fans have seen Sanders go from being a lowly “lab rat” to joining the team in the field as a full-fledged CSI. But we’ve never seen him in a romantic situation on the series. Enter Ms. Von Teese:

“I was in love with her the minute I met her,” says Eric. Dita will play three roles: mousy schoolteacher Ellen Whitebridge; her femme fatale alter ego, Rita Von Squeeze, and Ellen’s murdered French grandmother, chanteuse Agnes La Plouffe (seen in flashback).

As for Greg getting lucky, Eric says, “We’re going to try [shooting] a kiss, and we’ll see if it makes the cut. But there is an intimate encounter. I’m excited fans will finally delve into Greg’s mysterious private world. This is by far the biggest episode I’ve ever had!” Coos Dita, “I’m tickled to be his first.”

[Source: TV Guide][Photo: © 2010 CBS]

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