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TV Drama News: New Series ‘The Chicago Code’

by Lynn DeVries on December 18, 2010 · 0 comments

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The Chicago Code

FOX is bringing another gritty cop drama to the network TV landscape on Monday, February 7. The new addition to their lineup is called The Chicago Code and it brings Jennifer Beals who played Lie to Me character Lightman’s ex-wife back to prime time. It’s great news, since she was horribly underutilized on Lie to Me.

Chicago has a reputation for having corrupt government and systems, but this show will take us into the world of the Chicago police department as we watch them try to navigate the uncertain landscape. The Chicago Code is shot on location in Chicago, so it should have a realistic feel to it and the cast is nothing less than top notch. In addition to Jennifer Beals (The L Word), the cast includes Jason Clarke (Brotherhood), Delroy Lindo (Kidnapped), Matt Lauria (Friday Night Lights), Devin Kelley (Tease), Todd Williams (CSI) and Billy Lush (The Black Donnellys).

Here’s a promotional clip for the show:

[Source: FOX]

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