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Visual Effects Society Award Nominees

by Lynn DeVries on January 10, 2011 · 0 comments

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It’s definitely the awards season and onother group has announced its nominees for wards this year. The Visual Effects Society announced its nominees for TV-related awards. The winners will be announced at a Beverly Hilton Hotel ceremony on February 1.

Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series

  • Caprica
    Michael Gibson VFX Producer
    Gary Hutzel VFX Supervisor
    Davey Morton VFX Artist
    Jesse Toves CGI Artist
  • No Ordinary Family
    Andrew Orloff VFX Supervisor
    Curt Miller VFX Supervisor
    Paul Linden VFX Supervisor
    Scott Tinter VFX Producer
  • V
    Andrew Orloff VFX Supervisor
    Nathan Overstrom 2D Supervisor
    Karen Czukerberg VFX Producer
    Roberto Biagi VFX Supervisor
  • The Event
    Victor Scalise Visual Effects Supervisor
    Jason Spratt Visual Effects Producer
    Diego Galtieri Compositor
    Mike Enriquez Lead 3D Artist
  • Stargate: Universe
    Mark Savela VFX Supervisor
    James Rorick VFX Producer
    Craig Vanden Biggelaar Digital Effects Supervisor
    Adam de Bosch Kemper Lead Animator

Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program

  • The Walking Dead
    Sam Nicholson Visual Effects Supervisor
    Jason Sperling Visual Effects Supervisor
    Kent Johnson Visual Effects Producer
    Chris Martin Compositing Supervisor
  • Human Target
    Andrew Orloff VFX Supervisor
    Raoul Bolognini VFX Producer
    Nathan Overstrom 2D Supervisor
    Jason Monroe Lead Modeler
  • Undercovers
    Jay Worth VFX Producer / Supervisor
    Andrew Waisler VFX Supervisor
    Ron Thornton VFX Supervisor
    Andrew Kramer Digital Artist
  • Boardwalk Empire
    Robert Stromberg VFX Supervisor
    Dave Taritero VFX Producer
    Richard Friedlander VFX Producer
    Paul Graff VFX Supervisor
  • Lost
    Adam Avitabile Visual Effects Supervisor
    Melinka Thompson-
    Godoy Visual Effects Producer
    Michael Capton 3D Supervisor
    Brad Kalinoski Compositing Supervisor

Visual Effects in a Broadcast Miniseries, Movie or a Special

  • Last Day of the Dinosaurs
    Arnaud Brisebois Artistic Director
    Louis Desrochers VFX Artist
    Alain Lachance Visual Effects Producer
    Marc-Antoine Rousseau Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Inside The Perfect Predator
    Philip Dobree VFX Supervisor/VFX Producer
    Richard Costin Animation TD
    Sam Meisels Compositor
  • The Pacific
    John Sullivan Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
    David Taritero VFX Producer
    William Mesa Visual Effects Supervisor
    Marco Requay Digital Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Prep and Landing: Operation Secret Santa
    Dorothy McKim Producer
    Kyle Odermatt VFX Supervisor
    Andy Harkness Art Director
    Adolph Lusinsky Look and Lighting Director
  • America – Story of US
    Philip Dobree VFX Supervisor/VFX Producer
    Emile Hardy DMP
    Sam Howell Lead Animator

Created Environment in a Live Action Broadcast Program

  • Boardwalk Empire – Boardwalk
    Robert Stromberg CG Supervisor
    Brian Sales Lead Compositor
    Paul Graff VFX Supervisor
    Brian Pace Digital Modeler
  • The Event – To Keep Us Safe
    Michael Cook Lead 3D Artist
    Jon Rosenthal 3D Artist
    Ragui Hanna 2D Artist
    Ryan Wieber 2D Artist
  • The Pacific – The Battle of Iwo Jima
    Marco Recuay VFX Supervisor/Lead Artist
    Morgan McDermott CG Supervisor
    NIck Lund-Ulrich Compositing Supervisor
  • Boardwalk Empire – Family Limitation
    J. John Corbett Compositing Supervisor
    Matthew Conner Digital Artist & Compositor
    Brendan Fitzgerald Senior 3D Artist
    Jun Zhang Lead Compositor

Models & Miniatures in a Broadcast Program or Commercial

  • Family Guy – Brian Griffin’s House of Payne
    Andrew Karr 3D Artist
    Alec McClymont CG Supervisor
    Daniel Osaki Lead 3D Modeler
    Paul Hegg CG Artist
  • Boardwalk Empire – The Ivory Tower
    J. John Corbett Compositing Supervisor
    Matthew Conner Digital Artist & Compositor
    Brendan Fitzgerald Senior 3D Artist

Compositing in a Broadcast Program or Commercial

  • Drench Cubehead
    Matthew Unwin VFX Supervisor
    Lisa Ryan Compositor
    Michael Gregory 2D Supervisor
  • Boardwalk Empire – Episode 1
    Paul Graff VFX Supervisor
    Brian Sales Lead Compositor
    Jesse Siglow Compositor
    Merysa Nichols Compositor
  • Travelers “Watering Hole”
    Franck Lambertz VFX Supervisor/Compositing Lead
    Ryan Knowles 2D Artist
  • The Pacific – Peleliu landing
    Jeremy Nelson Lead Compositor
    John Mesa Compositor/Supervisor
    Dan Novy Animator/Compositor
    Tyler Cote Compositor

[Source: Visual Effects Society]

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