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Candice: Are Addison and Sam ever going to make a baby on Private Practice?

We asked Taye Diggs that very thing when we hit the set and his answer is pretty funny: “Can’t [she] just be happy with some chocolate love? She’s always asking me for stuff…Babies, now it’s babies. I just want her to be committed to me, but for her she wants babies. I obviously have a child and grandchild—I’m a grandfather! And she still wants a baby. Can’t a brother get a break?” Awww, poor Addison!

JimmyOh: Any Sons of Anarchy scoop?

Too early! But if you like Sons of Anarchy or Justified, please do check out the new show Lights Out, which premieres next Tuesday at 10 p.m. on FX. It’s about a former heavyweight champ who’s got a lot going on: He’s a loving family man with three young daughters, he’s flat broke, and he’s probably suffering from pugilistic dementia. To save his family before he loses it completely, he must mount a comeback against his old ring nemesis, “Death Row.” Holt McCallany (you might remember him from Fight Club, or as Calleigh Dusquene’s boyfriend who killed himself a few seasons back on CSI: Miami). Braveheart’s murdered girl (Catherine McCormack) stars as Leary’s wife, and overall Lights Out is reminiscent of pretty much every good cable drama of recent years, but especially the other testosterone-fueled FX dramas such as Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos and The Wire (from which it borrowed Pablo Schreiber to play Patrick’s brother Jimmy), et al. If you give it a chance, we promise you won’t be sorry.

@TooCool_2012 (via Twitter): Is Bonnie gonna hook-up with Jeremy or the new guy Luka? #TheVampireDiaries

Yes! That’s a pretty safe answer to your question because Katerina Graham herself just told us this about what lies ahead: “Bonnie does get a kiss.” So which guy will seal the deal? She’s not saying, but she did spill some other deets on Jeremy and Luka and the possibility of Damon and Bonnie (and the Delena fans go crzazay!), so stand by for more from Katerina soon. (For the record though, my money is on Bonnie and Jeremy. Care to wager?)

@caitlinems (via Twitter): Duhhhhh, anything on Vampire Diaries! Maybe a little more of Matt in future episodes?

I’m told more Matt is definitely on the way. You are welcome.

Erica: Is it true that Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) is going to be blind from brain cancer when she returns to House?

All I know for sure is that I recently ran this rumor by a source close to the show, and he/she/it thought that plotline was more than a little crazypants. Thirteen may well be coming back in bad shape, but if that’s the case, it’s still a ways out, storyline-wise. Sidenote: How hot was Olivia in Tron?! My little former Black Donnelly fave is all growed up and stinkin’ gorgeous. Holler.

Monica: Will Denis O’Hare be back on the new season True Blood?

It sure sounds like it because sources tell me that there will be a big storyline in which we see vampire attacks on YouTube—which is classic Russell Edgington, no? However, it turns out it’s not Russell, but rather an underground filmmaker who is capturing various vamps on video and then posting on YouTube for the world to see. Needless to say, this is not going to improve relations between the bloodsuckers and conservatives of the True Blood world. As for Denis, I’m told he is expected back at some point but so far no concrete plans (i.e. contract) in place. Might be another season or two.

Jonathan: More True Blood spoilers, please!

In an early episode, Pam is going to get a “hot and stupid” sack o’ meat to chew on who actually enjoys being bitten. And Tommy will get an intriguing offer from a prospector. Producers are also casting a Spanish-speaking badass chiquita who’ll be a recurring role in episodes two through six.

@Jory_1 (via Twitter): Do you have anything about Chloe’s return to Smallville? Will she and Clark be friends again?

Yes! They will definitely be friends. I’m also told that Clark will get those glasses soon (Glasses are hot! Even my friend Wanda says so!), and there will be more Darkseid later on in the final season.

@eg_KC (via Twitter): Can I please have some Nikita spoilers? Does Michael suspect Alex in any way? Coz I think he does.

And I think you’re wicked smaht. And so is Michael. Per a source, he may start to figure out something isn’t right with Alex pretty darn soon.

@brileighstewie (via Twitter): Hoping for some Hawaii 5-0 insight. ;)

Hope no more ’cause I have it right here. I’m hearing good things about Reiko Aylesworth’s role as a former and (potential) future love interest for Daniel Dae Kim. Her name’s Malia, and she’s a supersexy, supersmart doctor. The two broke up for a reason so unimaginable to those of us who love and worship DDK, you’ll have to go out on a limb to believe it, but I trust you can do it. It’s looking like Reiko will be back for another episode at some point later on.

@lovetheHoff (via Twitter): You said that Catherine will be coming back for Hawaii Five-0, do you know which episode?

Catherine will be back in episode 15 (called “Kai e’e”) which should air sometime in early February. And in what will be utterly tragic news to you, there are no plans for David Hasselhoff to appear. Be strong, mon cheri.

Becki in England: Any Californication scoop past the second episode?! Mainly Hank and Karen!

After a booze-filled binge lands Hank in the hospital things are looking up for these crazy kids. But I’m afraid we don’t have good news for you or Hank. Once Karen finds out that he wasn’t trying to kick the bucket on purpose, she is much less sympathetic. The bad news continues when Karen starts to befriend a good-looking father of one of Becca’s bandmates (Michael Ealy).

Schemingstar05 (via Twitter) Any spoilers for Supernatural?

Did you know Supernatural is the best show of 2010? You did? OK, how about some scoop from the first episode of 2011? Hide yo’ virgins! A dragon (we’re talking a dragon with ginormous wings) is breaking into people’s houses and snatching up local girls wearing purity rings. For those who are interested in the cool monster factor of demon-hunting, this will be the episode for you. If you just want to see Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) working together and everything returning to sunshine and puppy dogs…maybe not the episode for you.

Penny: I’m way excited for new episodes of Royal Pains! What do we fans have to look forward to?

Tom Cavanagh guests in Royal Pains’ first episode back on Jan. 20 and reminds us: Dude is adorable and seriously needs his own show. (Keep tryin’ with those pilots, cutie. We’ll get there eventually.) In other news, two key employees tender their resignations to HankMed CEO Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein)—and since HankMed only has two employees, we’re pretty sure you can guess who they are. Gasp!

Bear: I’m missing my man Marshal Marshall on In Plain Sight—any news on my second-fave ABQ show after Breaking Bad?

You have fine taste in New Mexico-based programming, my friend. When season four of In Plain Sight launches, look for a new local lady cop who is… dating Marshall (the relentlessly fantastic Fred Weller). Aaah! Mary (Mary McCormack) instantly hates Det. Abigail Chaffee, of course, but all things considered, Abigail is a good woman who wouldn’t be a terrible long-term match for Marshall. Any thoughts on who should play the new girl in town?

Andy (via Twitter): Friday Night Lights please!

OK, you know how when you watched Julie (Aimee Teegarden) get herself into a straight-up sticky situation involving her T.A. you thought to yourself, “OMG, this will not end well!?” You were right. Derek will continue to make things complicated for poor ol’ Jules, especially when he stops by the Taylor household. Daddy Eric (Kyle Chandler) isn’t exactly toting a shotgun, but he is armed and ready to rumble. P.S. Don’t you dare blink during the final moments of the episode!

[Sourcce: E!Online]

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