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House: Could Robert Sean Leonard Leave the Show?

by Lynn DeVries on February 15, 2011 · 0 comments

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Robert Sean Leonard

When I found this bit of info, I nearly had a heart attack! It seems that Robert Sean Leonard, who plays Wilson on House, has landed a lead role in a Broadway play that opens this spring. The play is entitled Born Yesterday and will open in April…right around the time House films the final episodes of season seven.


How will House manage without his straight man / side-kick / best friend? The prospect is simply depressing…

But in light of how the show was so generous with Olivia Wilde, giving her time off to go play several big-screen roles, perhaps Wilson will just go on a retreat for a couple of weeks or something. We can only hope.

Meanwhile, NBC Universal and FOX are still ironing out the details of an agreement so that the show can be officially renewed for season eight. Everyone seems to be confident that the deal will be made and the show will return, but I’ll feel much better about it once the ink is on the paper, so to speak.

Stay tuned and I’ll update you as news happens.

[Photo: © 2011 FOX Broadcasting Co.][Source: TVLine]

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