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Huge List of Mid-Season Premiere Dates


Are you wondering when your favorite drama will be back with new episodes? Or what about that great sounding new series, when will it premiere? Well, here’s a huge list with premiere dates and returning dates for most of the series airing in the winter and spring this year. There are still a few series [...]

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Celebrity Birthdays: December 16

Celebrity Birthdays

Benjamin Bratt – Law & Order, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – 47 Anna Popplewell – The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – 22 Ben Cross – Star Trek (2009) – 62 Billy Gibbons – Bones (recurring), ZZ Top – 61 Earl Poitier II – Drumline – 36 Hallee Hirsh [...]

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‘Bones’: Interview with Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Last Friday, a number of us were invited to talk to Bones star Emily Deschanel and ask her questions about her role on the show in a conference call format. She was as upbeat and sincere as she has always been in these calls. It was truly a pleasure. But because she was so warm [...]

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FOX Announces Mid-Season Primetime Schedule

Hugh Laurie

Fox has released its mid-season schedule for primetime. Some of the favorite shows have changed time slots, others are still in the same spot in the schedule. And there are even a few new series that will make their debuts in January. Here are the details: FOX 2010-2011 MIDSEASON SCHEDULE (All times ET/PT except as [...]

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Fall Ratings News: Hits & Casualties So Far


Over the first two months of the season (from September 28 to November 28) we saw a number of promising new shows join the primetime lineup. Some became overnight hits, others faltered and a few have already been canceled. It was typical of the Fall TV season. So far, we’ve lost Outlaw, Medium, Undercovers, Lone [...]

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Tons of Spoilers for TV Dramas

Alex O-Loughlin, Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-0 Got anything good on Hawaii Five-0? — Peter ADAM: I was just saying to myself last week, Daniel Dae Kim’s Chin Ho needs more to do than play computer jockey back at HQ. (Granted, they’re very cool computers, but still.) Looks like someone heard me because in an upcoming episode, we will meet [...]

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‘Bones’: Interview With Kathy Reichs


Here’s the transcript of the interview with author Kathy Reichs. She wrote this week’s episode of Bones and the show is loosely based on her life. Q: I was wondering, do you see Brennan as two separate people: The character on TV and one that your readers know? Kathy: No, I really don’t. I think [...]

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Bones: A New Interview With David Boreanaz


Earlier this week, Bones star David Boreanaz took the time to join a number of us on a conference call. We each got to ask only one or two questions, but I’ve put together the entire conversation for you to read. Instead of paraphrasing it, this is exactly what David had to say to our [...]

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Bones: Interview With Hart Hanson & Emily Deschanel


[Photo: © 2010 FOX Broadcasting, all rights reserved] Finally! Here’s the entire conference call conversation we all had on Friday afternoon with Bones star Emily Deschanel & executive producer Hart Hanson. They are both so friendly and funny, it’s always a true pleasure to talk to them. It’s also fun to hear them nearly correct [...]

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Lie to Me Spoiler – Possible Bones Crossover


[Photo: © 2009 FOX Broadcasting Co.] Bones fans, and Lie to Me fans may get a real treat this season. According to EW, Dr. Lightman from Lie to Me may be a guest character on Bones for an episode. As a fan of both shows, I think it would be so cool if Dr. Lightman [...]

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